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The Product of Exchange 2

The Product of Exchange 2

Saturday June 26th, 8:00pm – 2:00am at the Texas Firehouse

The Product of Exchange is a multi-media art  and performance collaboration between the Sudhaus of Berlin and the Texas Firehouse of New York. This exhibition is an exchange of the artistic trends, styles, and ideas of contemporary art being made in these two cities.  To create a more active dialog between artists themselves this show utilizes the D.I.Y. nature of alternative spaces. In this atmosphere the art can be shown by artists and for artists with no other pretenses set.


Alison Ward
Tim Dowse
Wyatt Nash
Angelas Cossio
Jason Villegas
John Von Bergen
Andrew Gilbert
Sheila Barcik
Helga Pleban
Caitlin Bermingham
Robert Deeds
Susan Griswold
Justin Penov
Seth Mittag
Doug Young
Julia Oschatz
Klara Hobza
Kathleen Griffin
Zachary Davis
Jeff Thompson
Martha Colburn
Carola Ernst
Fabian Ginsberg
Tom Fruchtl
Susanne Starke
Simone Lanzenstiel
Rob Lomblad
Michael Dominick
Matthias Hesselbacher
Lawrence Power
Jennifer Bennet
Till Van Daalen
Tim Kaiser
Simon Hehemann and Stefan Vogel
Phillip Zaiser
Paul Watchorn
Tom Kotik
Hannes Bend
Brian Von Kuba
Ralph Rose
Sae Esashi

Performances by:

Irvin Morazan
Maria Chavez


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Season Opener 2010

Howdy Y’all!

It’s spring! The weather is decently warm and the beer is cold! So let’s celebrate with a Texas Firehouse se ason opener! We’re ready to kick off our 4th season and boyhowdy do we have a show for you. Each artist selected for this group show has been handpicked by a Firehouse representative, thrown together in what can best be described as a nine headed Hydra of kick-ass.

Beth Letherman and James Morrison are back to show off some recent work, while the rest of the bunch are brand new to the Firehouse. So come on out Saturday, May 1st at 8pm and be as blown away as we are by this amazing group of artists. It’s a good feeling.

Artists for this show include:

Brian Higbee

Michael Estabrook

Asya Reznikov

Tom Kotik

Mia Ihara

Beth Lethermen

Hiroki Haraguchi

Sam Beetler II

Craig Kaths

Lori Merhige

with a special performance by J. Morrison

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the show. Hope to see y’all here May 1st!

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